This isn’t a blog where I write about my life story. I’m not going to vent about my problems or post cute pictures of rabbits with things balanced on their heads. That’s not who I am. I’ve had a passion for reading and writing from a very young age, and it’s something that I’ve grown to treasure more and more as I’ve moved through high school. There’s something magical about the written word, something that up until this year I couldn’t quite put a finger on. But this year–my last year of high school–I’ve realized that it’s quite simple: writing has purpose. This idea of purpose, of objective and intent, is what leads me to my title. I am an extrovert. Each day thousands of words pour out of my mouth without purpose or meaning, sometimes trailing off into nothingness when they aren’t met with the reaction I desire. These words express nothing, mean nothing, and most importantly accomplish nothing. All of the works published on this page are not my words–they are my innermost thoughts and creative process. Here, written for all to read and (hopefully) enjoy, they will have purpose. Welcome to The Inner Thoughts of an Extrovert, a collection of works by Zach C. Smith.


11 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. Nice intro. I like the “I’m not going to vent about my problems or post pictures of bunnies”. I can’t believe you’re only in high school , you’re so mature. I love your description of what words mean to you. I can relate.

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  2. Hello! Saw you stopped by my blog, and in turn wanted to look at yours, and I haven’t read a ton of it, but I really like your writing style and I really love your title. As an extrovert who tiptoes the lines of introverted and extroverted, I think deep thoughts and most people don’t expect that of extroverts. XD I’m glad you remedy this with your title.

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