Six Words.

In a creative writing class that I took early on, we spent a majority of our sessions discussing the best ways to effectively choose words. We use words so frequently that we often forget how strong they are, how potent they can be. For this reason, I’ve always enjoyed six word stories. Simply put, a six word story is, well, six words. Each story is unique and quirky, where the author uses a maximum of six words. Six word stories are unique in the sense that they leave a majority of the work for the audience. However, for these stories to work, each word must be chosen purposefully to create a vivid image. Periodically, I intend to post six word stories like the ones below to hold myself accountable to this page. Enjoy!

His plane crashed, her life ended.

Open windows, closed eyes, shattered heart.



5 thoughts on “Six Words.

  1. Another kind of short story i like are 55-fictions. They’re stories with 55 words that have a plot twist right at the end.


      1. No problem. Don’t forget the plot twist at the end. 55 words is enough substance to absorb the reader and then hit em off-guard with something different. Lol


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