Six Words.

Walking upstairs, into quietly lurking uncertainty.

And it all went hellishly wrong.

Too bad you didn’t ask nicely.

Words, no–his hands–choked her.

Arms interlocked, we stood facing them.

Conclusions drawn by vicious, hateful accusations.

Words mean nothing if left unheard.

Even heroes cannot avoid casting shadows.

The door sat ajar, beckoning him.

Love painfully blind, hate wholly omniscient.

Heart closed, arms crossed, eyes aflame.

Belief: knowing, while never truly comprehending.

She’s turned inflicting pain into art.

Burning bridges, sacking cities, stealing hearts.

Happiness achieved, but the wrong way.

I’m open to suggestions, are you?

Instantly famous, by no means painless.

Correct me if I’m wrong–ok.

Real life doesn’t contain laugh tracks.

Eleven! God, he was only Eleven?

Ever since, the house was quiet.

What’s love without a little mystery?

Switch blade mistake, no birthday cake.

So much for the comedic relief, eh?

**A Quick Note from The Author**

Recently, I’ve been asked several question by friends and teachers who have kindly agreed to review my page. Interestingly enough, most of these questions have been in regards to my Six Word stories. One of these questions really made me delve into my own creative process and question why I bother incorporating them on my page. In my opinion, this was the best possible thing that could’ve happened for both this page and myself as a writer. The question was this:

Why do you post them?

After deep consideration, I’ve realized that my reasons for including them are twofold. First and foremost, they act as inspirational seeds for the imagination of other readers and writers. To quote Emerson, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” These small snippets of ideas can inspire the works of others, and act as a starting point for another piece. Often, I personally struggle to find things to write about. Choosing a topic can be extremely difficult, and sometimes I look to these stories for a source of inspiration. Or better yet, they can lead to discussion, which establishes a connection between readers. Better yet, they can help to create a connection between the author and his/her audience. How do you interpret it? What does each line mean to you? Our initial thoughts vary drastically based on the experiences that we’ve had, the way we were raised, and the lives that we all currently live. For example, I’m a young author, just turning 18 this March. I’m inexperienced and naive, but there are many things that I still hold to be true. I still believe that there’s good in the world, that soul mates are real, and that there’s a place after this life where we go to have all of our dreams realized. Maybe one reader doesn’t, and it affects the way they interpret my poems.

The idea of multiple perspectives is what brings me to my next point. In these six simple words, there’s a multitude of different stories, a plethora of situations, and thousands of different scenarios that could be taking place. I believe one of the greatest and most powerful aspects of writing is the strength of each and every syllable. Ideas so complex, so intricate, can come form a simple word. For these reasons, I’m proud to be able to incorporate such stories into my page. If you enjoy them, let me know! Let others know! Feel free to write your own and comment them, writing is about the expression and communication of ideas after all. Thank you everyone, and best of luck in all your endeavors.



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