Six Collection: On Love.

While my Six Word Stories never directly relate, some cover the same themes and ideas. Here is a collection of 24 short lines on love. Feel free to comment with additional thoughts, back stories, anything that you really want! Writing like this is a living, breathing document. Use your ideas to help shape it in a unique and creative fashion. Help to make these words come alive, to inspire someone and mean something. Better yet, share them with the people that you love! Well, maybe not all of them (#22-24). Each story can stand alone, but can also connect with other stories to create a deeper story or idea. They cover all aspects of love, ranging from first dates to harsh break ups.

In the end, love is love.

Love’s complicated, but incredibly beautiful.


Tenderly, brushing hair from her eyes.

Fireworks exploded as our lips touched.

The one night  stand that lasted.

But we were young, stupid, courageous.

A simple kiss, never really is.

She turns heart strings into leashes.

And my god, was she stunning.

Summer nights, starry skies, sweet dreams.

Candy kisses, sweet surprise, bitter revenge.

Love is in everything we do.

Sometimes, you just know. You know?

I never said stop loving me.

Dinner, a movie, and… you know.

Could you see us, like..together?

I’m glad I found you first.

The day we met, it rained.

That’s one way to say it.

Thank you, may I have another?

And what a dance it was!

You know I love you, right?

Baby, you’re one in a million.

Fine, buy her a ring then!

Too bad you can’t marry yourself.

Guess I’m back on the market now.



6 thoughts on “Six Collection: On Love.

  1. So, so, so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    And here’s my offering. Taken at face value, it’s sad–but taken in a different context, it’s liberating 🙂
    Fear…I don’t love you anymore.


  2. Thank you so much….I wouldn’t have thought of it if not for you….it is amazing how you inspire others with your gift, and so generous of you to inspire us to create something in a moment. 🙂


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