A Student of Society’s Not-So-Liberal Arts

I’m a young author. I’m naive, uninformed, dumb–whatever you choose to call it. But I’m learning. Today, we live in a time where youth can no longer stand by and witness history being made. Opportunities sit only an arm’s length away, yet we refuse to stretch and reach for them. We are individuals playing a part in something bigger than ourselves, where we must work to cast aside the veil of immaturity and naiveté. Moving through life without ever looking up and asking questions can lead to an easy life, but hardly a beneficial or fulfilling one. It is those who do what has yet to be done, say what has been left unsaid, and fight for causes bigger than one person who ultimately succeed. Before we succeed, we must act; before we are able to act, we must first question.


I offer this poem up as a simple offering to fellow authors and writers. It’s a shout into the abyss, the black void in which many writers seem trapped these days. I have encountered some incredible accounts through WordPress, with authors expressing themselves through verses and stanzas daily. This is for you. Keep writing, and never forget to ask the questions that we are afraid to find the answers to.


A Student of Society’s Not-So-Liberal Arts

Why is it so easy to write about pain?
Is it that effortless to fill our words with hate?
Have we become so tortured?
Is this who we were meant to become?
Why is it so easy to write about broken relationships?
We write out of angst, pain, and sadness–for who?
Do we write for them, those who caused the scars that’ll never heal?
Is this who we were meant to become?
Why is it so easy to write about loss?
We write with such certainty, but how can we?
Have we spent so much time mourning the lost we forget to cherish the present?
Is this who we were meant to become?
Why is it so difficult to write about our dreams?
Since when has it become a crime to share our ambitions?
Why do we hide our passions, the things that we dare to achieve?
Is this who we were meant to become?
Why is it so difficult to write about love?
Has love become such a cliche that we can no longer celebrate it?
Love is not lost, but why do we treat it that way?
Is this who we were meant to become?
Why is it so difficult to write about adventures?
We spend so much time dreading our lives, have we forgotten how to actually live?
Has life lost it’s color, with life full of gray hues?
Is this who we were meant to become?
These are the questions we must ask ourselves,
Are we the pain, the broken relationships, the loss our work often reflects?
These are the questions we must ask ourselves,
Is this who we were meant to become?


**”People” by Mollicles420 via Devinatart


21 thoughts on “A Student of Society’s Not-So-Liberal Arts

  1. Hello!

    So I’d just like to drop a general comment of how awesome your writing is. You say to us to never stop; I’d like to extend the same idea to you.

    This piece made me think A LOT about the subject matter. And I’d like to think that we as a society focus more on a collective of connecting through pain. And we tend to see happiness and positivity as a laughable dream. Pain’s a centralized focus that seems to be more relatable.

    But these are just my thoughts.

    Thanks for your post.


  2. There are two things we can focus on in life. Pain or hope. Pain is constant and always there, everyone has it, and it’s easy to talk about pain.

    But hope? Hope is much harder. Hope can let you down, so people are scared of it. Scared to write of happiness for fear they’ll watch it slip through their fingers like water.

    It’s easy to take pain and make it into pain and sadness and anger. But to take pain and make it into beauty? To take pain and accept it but refuse to give up hope? That’s when you know you can write. When you can turn pain into something beautiful. And I think you’ve done just that.

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  3. Hey Zach,
    I’m an older dude. Raised in the 60’s and 70’s, but not a hippie. Oh, and just to let you know, I hated disco!!!
    I enjoyed your piece because it reminded me of something I wrote to my daughter a while back and I will locate and publish later today.
    I think we are in a constant state of becoming and the. “90 Babies” got that right. Although some of this generations ideas are “way out there” for me; I believe the “90” babies” will be known in history for their social change. They are real good, (maybe too good) at communicating.
    Thanks for the idea and keep becoming!!!

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  4. i LOVED THE POEM.. I could relate to it so well. It has left me wondering if most people only turn to poetry to find answers for their personal pains / tragedy. We are only moved by these poems because we have our own angst to fuel us. Perhaps poetry helps us unfold our own layers .. to heal us and to make through our journey. And for that reason alone, sometimes Sad/Angst poetry is our only friend.

    Thank you for sharing. I was enlightened.

    Anuradha Sharma

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