Chicago Love Affair.

I feel the North Avenue sand under my toes,
as I chase her towards the lapping waves.
A gentle Windy City breeze at my back,
I quickly make up ground and scoop her into my arms.
The sun–
hiding for most of our day Downtown–
is now peaking out from a screen of clouds.
She giggles and snorts,
tossed over my shoulder like a beach towel.
I can’t help but smile,
spinning her around and hearing her laugh.
So carefree.
I can’t remember the last time either of us laughed like that.
Paying for college, loans, distance;
all of these things weighing down our already heavy hearts.
But not today.
Summer; synonymous with safe;
sweet, sweat, sun, surf, her.
My plastic Navy Pier sunglasses fall to the sand
as I stop spinning, dizzy and tipsy.
She wraps her legs around my waist,
wearing a bikini that you’d probably say shows way too much.
But we don’t care.
I’m holding her and she leans in, beckoning me forward.
Her lips are on mine now,
tender and consuming.
She’s Magnificent Mile stunning,
Boardwalk beautiful,
and most importantly–all mine.
Her hair is a curtain, sealing us off from the rest of the world.
Slowly she pulls away,
opening her eyes and meeting my hot stare.
She reaches up–careful not to break eye contact–and takes my snapback,
lopsidedly throwing it on–my God she’s stunning.
I’m walking now,
Her legs are still wrapped tightly around me, and she’s worried I’ll drop her.
Wet sand tickles the bottoms of my feet as she realizes what’s about to ensue.
“Don’t you dare!”
She can’t even get it out without shrieking and giggling.
The water’s at my waist and climbing,
reaching her tanned legs,
causing her to squeal and grip my neck tighter.
The water is too cold,
but Lake Michigan always is.
Overhead, the sun sets on our sweet Chicago love affair.


** “The Art of Kissing” by Lukas Piatek via Deviantart


13 thoughts on “Chicago Love Affair.

    1. I love your Switzerland adventures and photos…just incredible! Switzerland has been my dream vacation since I was a child…I’ve never been–but seeing your photos, and reading of your adventures was an amazing gift…and I loved the sky diving part, too…I would never have the guts, but it was exhilarating just reading about it and seeing your video…thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are the moments where you feel free, like nothing else matters at the moment. A full circle of love, a whole piece of peace. That is nothing short of a wonderful experience. That journey put me a ease while reading it. Thank you for the experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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