Here’s to Growing Up

When I was younger,
I often wondered what growing up would be like.
Would I remember being 13? 14?
Did it feel any different?
Sometimes I would lay in bed,
thinking about what the future would hold.
High school; full of beautiful girls,
challenging classes,
I couldn’t begin to imagine it all.
And yet,
I’m currently preparing for college
nearly eleven hours away from my home town
and I have that same feeling.
I guess there’s some things
that we never quite grow out of.


**Picture of The University of Alabama Campus


10 thoughts on “Here’s to Growing Up

      1. So amazing….congratulations….it momentarily surprised me how happy I am for you…but, then I realized that it makes sense…connection is connection is connection…and, having shared you gifts with us, it has created a bond of sorts (I don’t mean for that to sound creepy or weird. 🙂 ) Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

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  1. Awesome picture matched only by the perfect words. We never really grow up, we are only as old as we act and fun is always a requirement in life. Your new journey just starts when you get out into the world, just like when you were 13, just laugh at everything and you’ll be forever young. Good luck to your college journey, remember, class clowns aren’t just for the circus. ;o)

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