The Head, The Hand, and The Heart

Most of my writing is done past midnight,
because I guess that’s how long it takes for me to be honest with myself.
I can put ideas together during the day,
but they’re fake.
My head overrides my heart,
my hand overrides my head,
And suddenly everything I write is crap.
But at midnight
my body is tired,
my mind exhausted,
and every part of me wants to go to bed.
Except for–surprisingly–my heart.
My heart is tired,
as in “sick and tired.”
It’s sick and tired of the lies,
the little half truths,
the unconscious (and conscious) sins,
the bullshit that we think and say
just to get through to the other side.
It’s tired of having to take the backseat
to my hand, my head,
and to every other part of my body that thinks it can control me.
But at midnight,
It’s just he and I.
And only then,
I let my words flow free.


**”Untitled Photo” by Gonzale via Deviantart


15 thoughts on “The Head, The Hand, and The Heart

  1. I used to need that breakdown of mind and body also, except I would push beyond midnight and sleep less and less opening myself more and more and feeling like this is when I was most creative – a trap of course – it may have felt that way – and yet it was the space of my highest risk for further injury to myself and others especially if I involved the substances I used to help expand my so called heart. These days, I still need inspiration and yet that can come any time of day or night – in the process of allowing myself to be moved, to be touched
    In the process of allowing myself to say what I say without judging what is emerging and coming through. Thank you for this honesty and rawness – it is refreshingly beautiful

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