55 Words: On Writing Poetry

**A while back, someone commented on a 6 Word Story and challenged me to write a 55 Word Story instead. Yesterday, I was reading through and his comment caught my eye. So, I give you “Writing Poems.”

Before I realized who I was,
I used to belittle myself for writing poetry.
“Nobody will read this,
nobody will care.”
But I guess somewhere
along the line I finally realized;
writing stopped being about
other people a long time ago.
From then on,
I was a poet–
with an empty notebook for an audience.



9 thoughts on “55 Words: On Writing Poetry

  1. You’re poems are beautiful – this one made me smile as when I started my blog in February, my mum asked me why I didn’t just write a diary. “I need an audience!” I replied, fully aware of just how pompous this sounded. The truth is, I wish my notebook was enough of an audience for me, then I wouldn’t worry about what people think. Thanks for NOT only keeping your notebook as your audience.

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