Deepest, Darkest Writer Fears

When I write,
I always turn on music.
Sometimes I go places to write,
places full of people, life,
and the hustle and bustle
that reminds me so much of home.
There’s something intimidating about the silence,
about the quiet.

When I write,
I always write on something that’s already been used.
Sometimes I tear off the corners of school papers,
receipts, old Post-It’s, even used notebook paper.
Google documents that I’ve written in previously,
that always seem to remind me of what I wrote last.
There’s something intimidating about a fresh page,
about the unfamiliar.

When I write,
I always think about you.
Memories of us can cause me to smile fondly,
while other times they cause my heart to break a little bit more.
Once in awhile, I will simply go quiet.
When I think about you, words flow on the page and it all just makes sense.
There’s something intimidating about starting over,
about my life without my muse.


**Image: “Old Whisper” by Alexey Demidov


11 thoughts on “Deepest, Darkest Writer Fears

  1. I personally love new paper as I have several notebooks around the house but use whatever space and scrap I can find when the moment hits. I have started toying with music before writes I always found they crept into my writes unintentionally. This ever happen to you? I wrote my chap book (just published) at your age and must say you’re talent is impressive, always pursue passions fire man..Great piece.

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  2. Nice how all the words just fell into place. Some people are so able to adopt sounds around that when it is quiet, it’s to quiet for them to concentrate. I use the television to distract my brain, but it takes a great mind not to mind the noise. A well written piece that some can relate to.

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