How come people always ask me if I
caught the latest episode of Grey’s or Big Bang
but nobody asks me if I
caught the sunset yesterday night?
Because they really should.
Every night,
no matter where you live,
everyone should stop
whatever it is they’re doing
and spend ten minutes
watching the sunset.
The sun spends the entire day
making its journey across the sky.
Are we too busy to spare a couple minutes
each night to give the credit it deserves?
Recently I was asked why
I didn’t write an Earth Day Poem.
“Do you not appreciate the beauty of our planet?
Do you not recognize the harm we’re doing?
Don’t you want things to change?
Maybe you should spend more time
appreciating the world around us
before writing poems about it.”
My response?
“Did you catch the sunset last night?”
Because I did.
And it was absolutely beautiful…


20 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Technology has bullied the beauty of the world these days. People would rather catch a picture of it on their iphone just so they can look at it later. At least there is someone out there that can actually spare a few moments to catch the miracle masterpiece that aids us so much. A beautiful piece caught on paper…another kodak moment my friend.

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  2. Beautiful, and so true. I hate how fast-paced life has become, it’s essential to just take a step back, and observe the beauty all around us.

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  3. I love sunsests. When I look through my travel pictures I often see a bunch of photos of the same building or landscape. Everything during sunset looks so pretty I just want to capture every second of it.

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