I Don’t Want You to Say It (I Want You to Mean It)

I read poems and stories
so I can feel emotion.
Words with actual meaning,
full of conviction that
sends a shiver down my spine
and makes me understand
who the author is–
who the characters are.
It should wash over me,
like a massive tidal wave
or a glass spilled
on an empty kitchen table.
I want to get knocked from my feet
by every word,
to be left clinging
onto each syllable
like a jockey
on his way to the Triple Crown.
Every day is spent drowning
in advertisements and products,
so your words better sell me
something I haven’t been sold before.
Don’t preach from the classics–
I’ve already read them.
Don’t regurgitate their messages
to an audience who can predict
exactly what your next words will be.
If I wanted Shakespeare
I’d Google it.
So please–
move me.
I don’t want you to say it,
I want you to mean it.

**“pollphail graffiti 11” by Kev Lock via Deviantart


11 thoughts on “I Don’t Want You to Say It (I Want You to Mean It)

  1. That really is what any writing should be, not just poems. But it does go without saying, that poems are the better format for a rather unique manner of self-expression. This poem, as well, is perfectly spot-on as the personal perspective of a poet and every reader who agrees with it. Well said indeed!!

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