Nothing Fights

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy some of my more recent poems. This is a piece that I wrote junior year, but touched up a little bit because some of the wording was iffy to say the least. I hope you enjoy! Also, in celebration of Inner Thoughts of An Extrovert hitting three months, there is now an Instagram account that will contain updates and my latest works! If you are an avid Instagram user, please follow @innerthoughtsofanextrovert today!
Now without further ado, here is “Nothing Fights.”

Nothing Fights

Now we just sit.
Faces tear-stained,
feelings bruised,
hearts broken.
It was nothing,
you said.
You promised.
You swore that everything was ok.

But now we just sit.
You sounded so calm on the phone.
As my stomach dropped, your voice climbed an octave
but you said it was nothing,
that it was just one fight–ok?!
You are the judge, the jury, and the executioner,
but I don’t know what crime I committed to become the victim of each painful syllable.
That was yesterday.

But now we just sit.
inches are miles and the distance we sit apart is light years,
before I was lost in your eyes but now–
I’m just lost and I’m scared oh God!
You don’t move as I grab my keys and walk to the door.
It was nothing you said,
and you were right.


**“Chess” by Silent Paul via Deviantart


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