On Hate.

I always thought I was incapable of hate
until I met you.

The way you look back at me
with an unwavering gaze
and eyes full of judgement–
condescension cutting through me
like a serrated knife.

The way you stand
with your arms crossed–
head smugly cocked to the side,
deliberating if there’s something wrong with me
or if I’m just an idiot.

The way you dress
and really don’t seem to give a damn
about what other people think–
even though people are staring
and you really should.

The way you smile shyly back at me
like we’re friends or something–
when in reality my hatred burns with
more passion than the sun,
more fire than hell itself.

I always thought I was incapable of hate
until I looked in the mirror.



**“Mirror” by Royalshake via Deviantart


11 thoughts on “On Hate.

    1. Because at some point or another, it seems like we struggle with the idea of hate–the anger and extreme emotion behind it. We may dislike things and wish for things to disappear or end, but is it really hate? By concluding the poem with this line, I hoped to show that we are capable of hate, but in a way that we were almost too naive to see before. Can we avoid hating things? Of course it’s possible. But it’s scary to think that it can all begin with something so simple as looking in the mirror.

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      1. Whoa, deep. I don’t believe in hating anyone except maybe Satan. I feel like that is a spiritual lacking within us. I believe in looking at people through mercy, just because I’ve occasionally been on the other side, as in the one who was condescending, the one who wasn’t understanding, the one who gave off negative vibes, and I feel like that’s something you learn to overcome. We need to rise above, and be able to give each other the benefit of the doubt. The reality is, no one likes being a jerk, unless there is some sort of mental issue. It’s almost always because the person is going through something, they’re dealing with some sort of struggle that’s invisible on the surface. I’m sorry for getting philosophical 😛 I do respect your perspective, and I do understand where you’re coming from. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s nice to see the depth behind someone’s thought process. Hey, if you get a chance, read this book called “Just Listen” by Mark Goulston. It’s a very powerful, and gem-filled book. Peace out, MM 🙂


  1. Another lovely poem. Hate is such a strong emotion. As child I used it all the time, not understanding what was I saying. Now, I really really don’t say it – cause no matter how ugly it gets – I don’t want to hate it is just too strong an emotion and I don’t want to be that type of person. Great poem, very talented 17 year old. I certainly wasn’t as talented at that age. Wishing you all the success and happiness life has to offer you.

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