It’s pouring rain
and the drainage ditches on the side of the road
have long since overflowed.
Headlights swerve to and fro in the dark cloak of night–
unable to follow the lines of the road
or the curve of the guardrail.
When the car smashes through the heavy metal,
it also smashes through the silence.
While the night was once filled
with the calm pitter-patter of rain,
it’s suddenly drowned out
by the guttural screams of a wounded steel beast
ripping from it’s cage.
It doesn’t just tumble down the cliffside–
but bounces and flips
like a demented thrill ride
from a cheap traveling carnival.
At the bottom of the ravine,
the vehicle is still–
resting awkwardly against a rotting pine.
In the silence that follows,
it’s impossible not to become aware
of the pitter-patter of the rain–
quietly falling and tumbling
through the nighttime sky.

**Image: “Rain” by Bartek via Deviantart


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