The Hassle of the Tassle

I should write a poem about graduation.
It should be easy,
as I’ve written it over and over again
in my head since the end of sophomore year.
Once so distant,
it is now only a day away
and I find myself tearing up as I type.
For once in my life,
there are no words to describe the way I feel.
Love is describable,
and has been time and time again
by the likes of Shakespeare, Browning, and Cummins.
Sadness is easily covered,
simply look at the news.
Never has it been so alive,
spread thick by the media like bread on butter.
Fear is portrayed
by all the poems never written–
with words that sit on the tongue
only to never be released.
It is the uncertainty that leaves us feeling vulnerable,
even when things are going well.
that’s the stuff of Hollywood cliffhangers
and sci-fi suspense.
We sit silently in theatres,
legs tense and gaze unwavering,
anticipating what’s to come.
Last but not least,
there is joy.
Joy in things small in large,
far and near,
there and here–
Joy is everywhere and needs no descriptor.
But as months have turned to weeks,
turned to days,
turned to hours,
and somewhere along the way
I became a kaleidoscope of these emotions,
a collage of colors and designs that collapse upon themselves
with even the slightest change.

Writing a poem about graduation should be easy,
but my head and my heart have never been more confused.


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