Window Pains.

Broken light pours through the already
shattered church window, sporadically casting an array of
distorted colors onto the family that society forgot–
ruined, sitting in the sinful silence of the 3rd row in the
empty church and wearing beaten up clothing scrounged up from anywhere and everywhere.

Broken hearts–living in an apocalyptic world full of
shattered homes with a
distorted sense of right and wrong because society
ruined them and the only thing they feel is

Broken shards of glass flew everywhere as sharp shrapnel
shattered the last remaining stained window of the church, sending
distorted reflections of ravens scattering from the rafters as they flew out into the
ruined city and the
empty midnight air.

Broken was the evening sky, as gunshots
shattered the stillness of night and
distorted the cries of the people, as lives were
ruined and the church was suddenly 


**”Christ Church Window 03″ by Stephanie via Deviantart


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