I have laid sleepless for a hundred nights,
with open eyes that do not see
and a mind that travels far beyond our understanding.
Dreams don’t exist in this state–
neither do emotions.
Colors fly past my mind faster than the speed of sound
if sound was on speed
and tasted like oranges.
I can’t explain the taste,
much like I can’t explain where I am
as my mind travels.
Or who I am,
There’s no cognition–
just sight and sound.
I can feel myself existing in a thousand different places at once,
except for the place I’m at now.
I’m forced to watch myself from Outside.
My physical being is a caged animal,
trapped inside plexiglass walls by a force that it doesn’t see
and will never truly understand.
Consciousness ebbs and flows in waves–
much like time,
but less constricted or restrained.
Sometimes I Remember,
and other times I cannot–
who I am and what I am meant to be.

**Image: “Eternal Salvation” via Deviantart by Kat Da Silva


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