Kill // Switch

My brain needs a kill switch–
because otherwise I ramble on and on–
and on and on and on–
until it’s four in the morning–
and I can’t open my eyes–
out of pure exhaustion–
but the cogs and gears–
in my disillusioned mind–
keep whistling and spinning–
until eventually something shrieks to a halt–
and all hell breaks loose–
behind my very eyelids–
with me as it’s only witness–
who no longer has any control–
of the pandemonium that’s ensuing–
and it’s keeping me awake longer–
and longer and longer–
until it’s darker inside my mind–
than outside in the dead of night–
where all the bad things lurk–
but all the best things play–
and all the things worth seeing–
hide from those unworthy of seeing them–
and you hide there because I’m not worthy–
but nobody ever will be–
no matter how hard they try–
with gifts and compliments and kisses–
because they’re useless–
like bandaids for a broken heart–
and the only thing you really need–
is a kill switch for your brain–
so we can stop rambling at each other–
which will allow you to think clearly–
and finally love me back.

Image: “Forgotten Songs” by Shiroa via Deviantart



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