The Grove

Neither the tree nor the swing are very impressive.
they lay in the midst of an unimpressive grove–
full of trees that are quite common.
To call the water-filled indent in the ground a pond
seems like a terrible overstatement,
despite the fact that it was indeed full of life.
Well–not quite full,
but definitely populated.
The grove is home to several generic species of fish, frog, and fowl–
all of which exist peacefully and without fear of strife.
Even the grass managed to appear plain,
nondescript and void of any possible distinctions.
Every so often it rains on the small grove,
refilling the pond and providing water for the grass and trees.
It never floods,
but there was always a sufficient amount of water to maintain its size.
With the rain would come wind,
scouring the leaves from the trees and depositing them
in a dizzying array of spirals and spins.
Towards the center of the grove hangs the swing.
With a wooden plank for the seat and ropes holding it aloft,
it’s quite ordinary and typical of such a space.
How the swing got there is a mystery that remains unsolved–
but who really cares?
After all,
neither the tree nor the swing are very impressive.

Image: “Forest Pond” via Devinart by Mosredna


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