Close your eyes,
and listen to my words carefully.
Let them carry you away,
to a place left uninhabited by man for decades.
Picture the land–
covered in glowing green grasses of all shapes and hues.
It practically sparkles under a nurturing sun,
providing for all living things with gentle compassion.
Imagine forests of towering pines and oaks with
trunks thicker than cars and
redwoods that stand hundreds of feet above the clouds.
Imagine rushing rivers and streams,
leaping over the rolling land and
trickling down rocky formations of ancient stone.
Miniature pools begin to form,
teeming with life both visible and unseen.
And the seasons!
How beautiful the autumns and how sweet the summers,
where life dies and is born again
under a burning sun and a fluorescent white moon.
The stars–
sitting high above the trees
and the rivers and the rocks
and all the other living things–
watch life and death flash by in the blink of an eye.
Picture them streaking down from the sky,
falling to land amongst life that will be gone almost instantaneously.
Can you see it in your mind’s eye?
The beauty of it all–
the majesty,
the grace,
the spectacularity of such grandeur!
Now open your eyes,
and See.

Image: “Nature” via Devinatart by Rozlyn Arrabaca


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