soul search.

look into my eyes and reveal your imperfections.
do not turn away,
but instead meet my gaze halfway
and cast away your troubled thoughts
as i force myself to do the same.
feel fear fall away feebly at your feet
and let your inhibitions wane like the moon upon solstice-
for i am solace in the waning moonlight
as your heart becomes eclipsed by the dark.
strike the chains from your back
and remove the coiled barbs from your ankles and wrists.
you do not deserve them.
allow me to show the way-
how to leap into the flames
and remain unscathed.
i have been burnt and lost before,
let me save you.
i can show you how to dance among raindrops
while remaining dry-
how to soak in the sunlight,
growing like autumn’s first fruits
and the trees that supply them.
all i ask is you hold me-
anchor me to your side with a loving embrace
and hold me there with your gentle touch.
keep me captive in your eyes.
leave me enthralled,
because in this moment i see the beauty
of everything that lies beneath them.
your eyes are the gateway to your soul,
and i pray my heart is the key.



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